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  1. Brian Hooper

    Eva — So glad you are stimulating the imaginations of others to recognize — engage in “re-cognition” — to literally “re-think” all of those wonderful synchronicity moments that we find woven through the rest of our accidental moments and calendared events! Big Hug and wishes for joy in the process!

  2. mz8

    Keep listening!

  3. Eva Starr

    I had anoher “HUGE” God wink today. I dreamt abuot polar bears last night. I looked them up in my animal totem book. Reading about polar bears, it was suggested that I also look up seals as it was their main food. Upon researching seals, I learned about a folklore story originating from the Shetland Islands and Iceland where the seals would lose their skins and dance in the sea under the moonight, and they were known as Fairies called Selkies.

    In my morning meditation with eyes completely closed and shuffling my angel deck a card flew out onto the floor. Out of 44 cards in the deck the “Fairie” card jumped out. Then I did the same thing with my Steven Farmer animal deck, and yes; same thing the “Seal” card jumped out. Again one out of forty-four cards, in BOTH decks! God is definitely “talking” to me!