Day #5 The Gift of Reverance

Your body is your temple, home of the divine, a sacred vessel. When you come to the realization of the importance, the sacredness of this temple, the body that you have been blessed with, the way you think about your […]

Day #4 The Gift of Forgiveness

You need to forgive yourself of the toxic poisons of the mind to transcend the limitations of the past – release old patterns & ways of thinking. “Let go of those pincers (especiallly for us Crabs) so you can crawl […]

Day #3 The Gift of Release

It’s a good thing I’m running a little behind on this 21-day consciousness cleanse, because now today it brings me up to day #3, the Gift of Releasing, along with the Full Moon. For more info on what the Full […]

Full Moon Releasing Ritual (Virgo)

You can do this releasing ritual with any Full Moon, this particular one happens to be in Virgo which I will point out the specifics. The Full Moon in Virgo occurs at 4:39am  EST and 1:39am PST pn Thursday March […]

Day #2 The Gift of Self-Awareness

What I’ve come to be “aware” of is that I seem to have a zillion things going on in my head and outside of my head at all times. Yet, this is NOT something new, nor is it something that […]

Day # 1 The Gift of Desire

Are you ready to follow along with me on the Debbie Ford 21-day consciousness cleanse. I should’ve posted his yesterday (Sunday) is when I started day #1, but all is well in the world of accepting ourselves right? SO LET”S […]

Are You Ready to Shed Your Shell

Are You Ready to Shed Your Shell?   Do you feel like you’re in a rut? Or do you just feel like if you could only dig deep inside your Soul you’re sure to find the missing link? Well, I’ve got […]

The Steering Wheel of Life

Whose Hands Are On the Wheel?In the steering wheel of life, whose hands are on the wheel? I ask this question to you and to myself. I for one, sometimes feel like I’ve lost control of the wheel and my […]

Why Are YOU Here?

Why Are YOU Here and Should You Care?I’ve almost completed the book Secrets of the Light by Dannion Brinkley, the man struck by lighting TWICE and lived to tell about it. His first book (which I have not read) came […]