Day #8 The Power of Liberation

This is the day to liberate yourself from the past and those small shoes you’ve been stuffing your feet into. It’s like Independence Day, without the fireworks. Some supplies you’ll need to gather: fresh flowers candle incense music Epsom salts […]

The Present

Now that I’ve finished the first week of the 21-day consciousness cleanse, (releasing the past), it’s time to move into the present. That first week felt like a month, mind you I gave up drinking wine at the same time, […]

Day #7 The Gift of Self-Acknowledgement

Well, it’s about time now I get to do something positive…(but I do understand we need to weed the garden of the mind from all those weeds we don’t want to look at). So it’s onward and upward, it’s time […]

Release, Reflect & Mercury Retrograde

No I said “Thursday at Two…Not Tuesday at Noon. Does that sound familiar? Well, the good news is: you’re not alone it doesn’t have to be that painful I’m going to do my best to get you through this Mercury […]

Day #6 The Gift of Surrender

It seems like I’ve been on this 21-day consciousness cleanse forever, but today is only day #6 (of course I’ve missed a couple of days), the gift of surrender. The Only Way Out Is Through! When I read that this morning […]