Soul Food

Why Happiness Eludes Us

Why Happiness Eludes Us… I just finished (last week) reading The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman and come to realize (AGAIN) that happiness is elusive because we are continuously searching. Let me explain this… It’s like the Kingdom […]

Do You Know Which Road to Take?

Why Do Some Things Come To Us Lightening Quick and… …others seem to take forever? Well, I’m about to clue you in. Take a look at both of these pictures. WHO do you think is going to get to their […]

Pay Them No Mind

Pay Them No Mind Here it is Eva Starr’s 3 Easy Steps to Peace of Mind: Pay No Mind to Your Monkey Mind (What is Monkey Mind you ask?) It’s the nonsense, endless chatter that goes on in your brain […]

Three Easy Steps to Peace

If You Could Ask God for One Thing What Would It Be? I’ve pondered this question many times, and to be honest with you I can’t tell you what my answers have been in the past, but I can tell […]

How To Find Your Life Purpose

How to Find Your Life Purpose   There are a plethora of web sites out there to help you discover your life’s purpose. In my search I discovered an interesting site, How To Find Your Life Purpose in 20 minutes […]