21-Day Consciousness Cleanse

It’s that time again, time to do the Debbie Ford 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse (which from here on out I think I’ll shorten it & just call it the CC). Along with the CC I’m also attempting the CF (the 21-Day Complaint Free diet), yea, I know that pendulum of mine swings heavy one way or the other.  (For the record) that’s one of the things I’m working on is balance!

Are you with me or not? Day 1 of the CC is all about making a list of your inner & outer desires, then choosing one from each category to work on for the duration of your 21-day CC. Let’s get started, for more info you can go to Debbie Ford‘s site and follow along.

Visualize those two desires (one inner & one outer) each morning when you awaken & each evening before retiring for the next 21 days! Gotta run, catch you tomorrow!