Day #8 The Power of Liberation

This is the day to liberate yourself from the past and those small shoes you’ve been stuffing your feet into. It’s like Independence Day, without the fireworks. Some supplies you’ll need to gather:

  • fresh flowers
  • candle
  • incense
  • music
  • Epsom salts

Gather up your “PAST”, shoes, letters, photos, negative addictions, like a piece of chocolate cake (if eating the whole cake was one of your addictions), write a letter to all those things that no longer “serve who you are and who you are becoming” and burn it. Take all the items and say goodbye to them one at a time as you put them in a garbage bag, then take it outside and dump it with yesterday’s trash! BEGONE!

Now, take your bath, light your candle and incense, smell the roses, and listen to the music as you say to the Universe “I willingly give all of this pain, all of this trauma, all of this stress back to the Universe to dissolve and transform.” Your past now belongs in God’s hands. Now embrace your fantastic future and send love to every cell of your being and tell yourself it’s safe to move forward into the arms of God!

I applaud you for getting this far!


The Present

Now that I’ve finished the first week of the 21-day consciousness cleanse, (releasing the past), it’s time to move into the present. That first week felt like a month, mind you I gave up drinking wine at the same time, (might as well cleanse the physical body along with the soul). The only thing is I’ve missed some of the days and it looks like this 21-day consciousness cleanse is going to take me close to a month.

The interim in the book (21-day consciousness cleanse Debbie Ford) talks about the present before we go into day #8. “All suffering is rooted in misperception.” Allow me to say that again “All suffering is rooted in misperception.” I really like that quote and will probably have a life size poster made and post it on my wall so I can remember!

We are constantly chasing for the bigger, the better, the sweeter, the next new fan-angled quick fix of whatever it is. What’s wrong with this picture is there is no better, bigger, sweeter, or whatever. Each new thing we chase after will never be enough…the hole, the empty void, the bottomless pit that we keep trying to fill can never be filled by out there. The only thing that will satisfy that empty crater in your life is you, the spiritual image and likeness of God that you were created as.

The key to the present is be happy right where you are. It reminds me of that reggae song that came out in the 80s (I think it was the 80s) “Be Happy.” Sounds simple huh? Just quite taking life so seriously and start being grateful for what you have right now in the here and now!

Now that we started letting go of the past, it’s time to get rid of those pair of shoes we keep trying to stuff our feet into. You’re never giong to be small enough, tall enough, smart enough for all those people. Get rid of your old shoes, and go get yourself a pair just made for YOU, that will fit you exactly as you are and be happy with those shoes. (Interesting;y enough, I had two dreams the last few nights about shoes). Shoes is a metaphor for our belief system and what we stand for, and stand upon. I’ve always used this analogy in teaching my metaphysical classes, so dreams about shoes is a common one for me. But I wasn’t aware that when I picked up the book this morning there it was “shoes” in black and white all over the page. Seems like Debbie Ford and I have a few more things in common than I thought.


Day #7 The Gift of Self-Acknowledgement

Well, it’s about time now I get to do something positive…(but I do understand we need to weed the garden of the mind from all those weeds we don’t want to look at). So it’s onward and upward, it’s time to acknowledge yourself for all your accomplishments. All the times you helped someone out, lent a listening ear, did the best you could at something, or just plain utilized the God-given gifts you were born with. Go ahead and make that list, I’ll wait…(this could take awhile because I know you have plenty to be proud of).

Let’s start with me, by the way it suggests you call up your friends and ask them what they love about you and if you died what they remember most about you. So I did just that, I happened to call a former student to wish him Happy Birthday and asked him the aforementioned question. This is what he had to say ” I love your openness, your honesty, you just put yourself out there and share your whole self with the world.” So in other words I said to him “my candidness”? YEE, that’s it exactly! This is actually the number one thing people say they love about me the most, so I guess wh’re going to keep it!

To add a few to my list here’s what I came up with:

  • I walked on fire twice
  • I raised two beautiful daughters
  • I drove 3000 miles across the country and left 52 years of my life behind to move to California in the middle of December and lived to tell about it
  • I produced and hosted a television show, wrote a book, interviewed Doreen Virtue & Caroline Myss, wrote a dream column, an astrology column, and now Soul Food a metaphysical Dear Abby column…
  • my free spirit, my trust, my faith, my intellect
  • served on the board of my church, volunteered for Providence House, Westhaven, Interfaith, Elizabeth Hospice and the Philosophical Library
  • I helped women of domestic violence
  • I finished Culinary school with honors at the age of 55!
  • I taught my youngest daughter Shayna how to fish and we camped all over the states

That about wraps it up for now…my dinner is ready!


Release, Reflect & Mercury Retrograde

No I said “Thursday at Two…Not Tuesday at Noon. Does that sound familiar? Well, the good news is: Mickey Mouse

  • you’re not alone
  • it doesn’t have to be that painful
  • I’m going to do my best to get you through this Mercury Retrograde with just a few bruises, well maybe a scrape or two

Let’s get the logistics straight, Mercury Retrograde officially begins Monday, March 12 in Aries (oh boy lucky me, Aries Rising) at 3:49am EDT and 0:49am PDT. For all extensive purposes when you wake up Monday morning let the games begin.


If that isn’t enough to bring out the battle fatigues, Saturn (the Lesson Maker) has been Retrograde since February 7th and will continue on forcing us to become more responsible and disciplined in the areas of the house it falls in until June 25th (yahoo a day after my birthday, Thank You Jesus). Saturn is Retrograde in the sign of Libra (relationships), so we need to reassess our relationships in the areas that Saturn falls, (i.e. health, fiances, coworkers etc.). For those of you who just “have to” know more about the retrogrades here’s a great site I stumbled across Retrograde Planets. (and if you need your chart done you know who to call, yours truly)


For myself Saturn is Retrograding in my house of health, and that’s just about the time I was told I need to go to the Spine Institute and have another assessment regarding my back injury from the car accident. It’s also interesting that for about the last month or so I’ve been feeling very strongly I should give up wine. Now mind you, I do like my wine but we’re talking a glass or two in the evening before bed, not like I was sleeping outside the liquor store waiting for it to open with a loaded sawed off shotgun.


Nevertheless I did decide to give up wine during my 21-day consciousness cleanse (which is turning into 30 days), as of now I’m only on day #5 of the consciousness cleanse but day 10 of no wine. It’s no wonder I’ve taken to this impending notion that I need to cleanse both my physical and spiritual bodies! If I would’ve known that my giving up wine was giong to happen during a Mercury Retrograde I would have never in a million years picked this time to do such a ridculous thing. But the fact remains I did, so trust me I’m going to lay it all out for you to make this Retrograde totally pain free, (I have a lot invested in this particualr Retrograde).

Rules of the Retrograde Road


Mercury Retrograde

This period of Retrograde we are approaching is a catalyst for “change.” That’s right with the previous Saturn Retrograde and now Mercury Retrograde it is forcing us to come out of our comfort zones and quit doing things the same ol’ way we’ve always done them.

Mercury is connecting with Uranus on March 12th, and trust me when I say this IF you aren’t ready to make these changes yourself, when Uranus hits the planet you’ll think you’re back in Kansas. Dorothy & the Wicked Witch of the East will be child’s play compared to what Uranus can shake up. You’ll need more than Mr. Clean to wipe out that tornado.

Don’t get me wrong Mercury isn’t a bad guy, wearing a ski mask who’s out to get you. He just wants to make sure you cross your t’s and dot your i’s and pay attention to the details in your world, especially when it comes to communication. When I speak about communication I’m referring to how you communicate, whether it’s insert foot in mouth, or driving your car, or surfing the Internet, Mercury doesn’t play favorites.

So here’s what we can do to soothe this Winged God’s feathers and make his stay more user friendly.

  •  We need to be asking the bigger question, start thinking globally instead of what’s happening in your world, (because trust me, what’s happening out there is happening in your world, it’s time you get hip to this. I’ve been writing about this for weeks now).
  • Your apple cart is about to get turned upside down, so take a deep breath, think before you act, and work toward RE-solution
  • People from your past are going to start popping up like “the night of the living dead” so talk it out and RE-solve the issues, (b/c if you don’t they’ll show up at the next Retrograde party, trust me on this one)
  • Addictions may start to raise their ugly head, so forewarned is forearmed
  • Approach this Retrograde period from a “soul growth” level instead of a “victim-hood” level and you’ll fare much better
  • With this Retrograde starting out in Aries it’s time to take the initiative, start thinking like a leader, a pioneer, go for the gusto, tread into territory others dared not tread
  • It’s a time to do all things beginning with RE: relax, revise, restore, review, recheck, and revisit…

I’m going to end this on a good note; During this Retrograde are also blessings from Heaven, a Jupiter/Pluto trine added to the Mars Retrograde in Virgo and we have a Grand Trine aspect occurring in the earth signs. This is a “gift” a diamond in the raw, so use that God given Grace and breeze through this Retrograde a better person due to the changes you are willing to make! 


PS: Mercury turns Direct at 6:11am EDT, if it was me I’d seriously

wait to send in those taxes until AFTER April 4th. (I’m just saying!)



Day #6 The Gift of Surrender

It seems like I’ve been on this 21-day consciousness cleanse forever, but today is only day #6 (of course I’ve missed a couple of days), the gift of surrender. The Only Way Out Is Through! When I read that this morning in Debbie Ford’s book, I thought how simple, how profound, I need to put that on my mirror. Now, I’m sure I’ve heard that before, in fact I know I have, but simplicity really hits me hard!

I’ve been hearing more and more talk of moving through your feelings, staying with the pain, just sit with the anger, yada, yada, yada. Hearing about it and coming face to face with the dark night of the soul (as I did on day #2 no wine) is another animal altogether. Let me tell you something, it works! Everything else wasn’t helping so I remembered (from something else I had read) to just be with your pain, so I did, and I got through it.

Now to all of you this might not sound like a big deal but trust me wiat till the night (or day) when you’ll need to remember this and you’ll thank me and Debbie Ford and all the other gurus out there who have said the same thing at one time or another.

My entire life I’ve been told “don’t cry” especially in my most recent adult years, (and I might even being crying tears of  joy, doesn’t matter) my girls will tell me “now Mom don’t cry” and I say to them “telling me not to cry is like telling the Sun not to shine in California.” Our feelings are meant to inform us when our needs aren’t being met. Suppressing them only deprives you of their wisdom, and results in an accumulation of resistance that obstructs your connection to your Divine Source!

From the mouth of Janis Joplin “cry, cry baby!”