Day #5 The Gift of Reverance

Your body is your temple, home of the divine, a sacred vessel. When you come to the realization of the importance, the sacredness of this temple, the body that you have been blessed with, the way you think about your body changes. You move into a place of grace, gratitude, and humility as you go through your world.

Your body is yours to do with what you chose, and hopefully that is feed it healthy foods, nurture it, respect it, love it, appreciate it and the list goes on. Similar to the mirror work that most of my students are familiar with loving the body, every single cell one by one can create miracles in your life. There’s nothing more precious than vibrant health, to wake up each day and feel alive and blessed.

It’s your body, take care of it!


Day #4 The Gift of Forgiveness

You need to forgive yourself of the toxic poisons of the mind to transcend the limitations of the past – release old patterns & ways of thinking. “Let go of those pincers (especiallly for us Crabs) so you can crawl toward who you know you can be – instead of hiding in your shell of who you’ve been!” As I’ve talked about many times forgiveness is the key to everything in life, especially forgiveness of self!

It’s a gift for you to forgive, when you think about it the other person is holding your prisoner in your own mind and the frickin gate isn’t even locked! Doesn’t that make you want to just get over it already? This is easier said than done, but you can ask God to help, you just need to be willing.

Identify your hurts, resentments, grudges etc. then write a letter to God and give him the whole shebang! You don’t have to do this alone. I actually had an epiphany while I was writing my list, then it dawned on me…OMG I thought I am allowing this person to take up space in my mind and zap me of my beautiful energy…I don’t have time for this anymore, voila that’s it I was done. Now mind you to get to this place was a long time coming, but one day you’re just ready, you have “the shift” and that’s all it takes.

Good Luck!


Day #3 The Gift of Release

It’s a good thing I’m running a little behind on this 21-day consciousness cleanse, because now today it brings me up to day #3, the Gift of Releasing, along with the Full Moon. For more info on what the Full Moon has to do with releasing, see prior blog post (Full Moon Releasing Ritual).

I’ve had more of my share of glitches today, (and that my dear friend is an understatement). You would’ve thought Mercury Retrograde started a bit early. Actually I wouldn’t be a bit surprised, stranger things have happened in the world of Astrology!

Well, I’ve lit my candle, set the world ablaze with my list of “things I want to release” so now what?

Now, I’ve said all I’m going to say at the moment, (I drew the card of exhaustion during my meditation), it was THAT kind of day. I’m off to release my brain with a mindless Steve Martin movie.

Till next time…


Full Moon Releasing Ritual (Virgo)

You can do this releasing ritual with any Full Moon, this particular one happens to be in Virgo which I will point out the specifics. The Full Moon in Virgo occurs at 4:39am  EST and 1:39am PST pn Thursday March 8th. There happens to be a grand earth trine ocrring at the same time, Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn. Look to the house position where 18 degrees Virgo sits to clue you in on the particulars of your own chart.

Virgo (Moon) keeps us grounded and is opposing the Sun in Pisces which keeps our heads floating aimlessly in the clouds. As we release (as with any Full Moon) we want to let go of that which no longer serves who we are and who we are becoming. If you’re cup is full (water, Pisces), you need to empty it in order to make room for the new seeds (Virgo) to be planted.

Items needed to perform the Full Moon Releasing Ritual:

  • a candle
  • a bow of water
  • a smudge stick (sage/cedar)
  • a feather (wisdom)
  • and you list of things you’re releasing

Watch this short video Full Moon Releasing Ritual for the complete synopsis of the Full Moon Releasing Ritual.

Be Gone! Happy Releasing!


Day #2 The Gift of Self-Awareness

What I’ve come to be “aware” of is that I seem to have a zillion things going on in my head and outside of my head at all times. Yet, this is NOT something new, nor is it something that I have NOT been aware of before. But it is interesting to note that: this type of monkey mind still goes on and it’s about time for me to lasso that sucker (oh but not now) when I’m done just “being aware.”

I’m a little behind in my journaling, you laugh? You must know me! What I am “aware” of is this exercise is set up for you to “detach” from any blame, shame, guilt and all that good stuff. You are just to be “aware” of all that sludge. I am aware that I had three separate bottles of “special” suntan lotion that I carefully mixed in one pump bottle (for when I read by the pool) and I evidently left it by the pool in the last week or so, because it is MIA! I am aware that this annoys the living hell out of me! I am also “aware” that I told myself just “notice” how you feel and let it go…

Well, GUESS WHAT??? It still frickin’ bothers me! So I guess I am aware that during this 21-day consciousness cleanse I have a lot of work to do. I am choosing to end this post with the “awareness” that I am a “work in progress!”


Day # 1 The Gift of Desire

Are you ready to follow along with me on the Debbie Ford 21-day consciousness cleanse. I should’ve posted his yesterday (Sunday) is when I started day #1, but all is well in the world of accepting ourselves right?

SO LET”S GET STARTED! I would suggest you go to Debbie Ford’s site (above) and familiarize yourself with the program, or better yet go to the library, or purchase the book. Day #1 is about listing ALL your desires, then separating them into two lists, INNER and OUTER. Now pick one thing from each list you want to work on during this 21-day consciousness cleanse.

Next, you’lll want to make yourself a Treasure Map, those of you who have been with me awhile have undoubtedly attended many of my Treasure Mapping workshops. (If you’re not sure on this one, email me

Gotta run, GO for the GOLD!


Are You Ready to Shed Your Shell

Are You Ready to Shed Your Shell?  

Do you feel like you’re in a rut? Or do you just feel like if you could only dig deep inside your Soul you’re sure to find the missing link? Well, I’ve got news for you, you don’t have to go any farther than right where you are! That’s right it’s been right in front of your nose the whole time. Why can’t you find it you ask? Because you’ve spent too much time looking outside of yourself, kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.


The good news is: Hermit Crab

  • you don’t need a tornado to get you off the farm in search of the Yellow Brick Road
  • you can start right now TODAY
  • it’s OK if you’ve messed up until now, you’re right where you’re supposed to be
  • and don’t worry if you don’t have the cash, it doesn’t cost you anything but time

I’m talking about shedding your shell, it’s time to empty that cup and make room for something else to fill it other than blame, guilt, and self pity. I’m not picking on you, I’m just making you think,that’s all. If you’re ready the wind just might blow some gold dust in the air; are you ready for it?

Are You Game?   Join me for the next 21 days in letting go of the past, shedding your shell, embracing your dark side, and discovering your Soul’s true purpose.   I just started doing the Debbie Ford 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse this past week. Debbie Ford There’s GOLD in you, just like the story about the Golden Buddha that the Thai monks covered in clay to protect it from the Burmese Army. All the monks were killed but the Buddha was discovered several centuries later at a Thai Monastery. A monk who was helping to relocate the Buddha in 1957 discovered a crack in the clay and started to chip away at it and found solid gold. You my friend are like the Buddha there’s Gold inside of you, just waiting to be discovered.    Follow me on my blog starronthefly Register, click on a category (the orange link, next to the title of the blog) to comment. When you see this icon  on your tool bar click on it you’ll be directed to my RSS feed, then click to subscribe to feed, and let’s do this together. I will be there with you to support and encourage you. Till

The Steering Wheel of Life

Whose Hands Are On the Wheel?The Steering Wheel of LifeIn the steering wheel of life, whose hands are on the wheel? I ask this question to you and to myself. I for one, sometimes feel like I’ve lost control of the wheel and my boat has gone off course and is headed who knows where on the Ocean of Life.

Although I have faith and trust that God does indeed have a plan for me…there are days where I feel I’ve lost my compass and I no longer know which is true North. If you feel the same, you are not alone my friend. So how do we get back on course, who IS at the helm?

Visualize with me now the steering wheel of your life. It can be a motorcycle, a sports car, a ship, a pick-up truck, or if you’re me these days a bicycle. Go ahead, I’ll wait, do this now. Now imagine all the hands that have ever been on that steering wheel of your life since the beginning of time. Frightening huh?

One by one, start taking those hands OFF the steering wheel of your life, put them in the back seat, throw them overboard, shove them in the trunk, hang them from the mast, or blindfold them and send them down the plank. It’s your movie, you can do with them what you please.

Now, whose hands are on the steering wheel? If the answer is YOURS, then good; keep them there and read on.

(reference: Craig Berthold)

Where is God In All This?Imagine you’re at sea, and you’re hands are at the helm, and you are the Captain of Your Ship, and you see a waterspout brewing on the port side and it doesn’t look good, so where is God? Well, he could be sitting right on the front of the bow, or standing next to you at the helm, he might even send the Coast Guard, or give you that nautical chart you misplaced, but you job is to keep your hands on the wheel.

God is not going to steer the ship for you, he will carry you when you see two sets of Footprints in the Sand, he will safely bring that ship to shore with his GUIDING hand, but at all times you my dear child must remember it is YOUR hands that must remain on the wheel of your life. God sent you here with a complete set of directions, maps, compass, and equipment to help you navigate through the winding road of  life.

You have ship mates, you have deck hands, you have a compass, you even have a lifeboat, he will not abandon ship. Keep in mind, if he didn’t think you could navigate your way around your life, he wouldn’t of given you the desire, the intent, the passion, and the wherewithal to pursue your dreams.

Yes, there will be storms, and there will be calm seas, and the ship might even capsize a time or two, but you will weather the storm and you will see the rainbow. It is you who need to take the helm, and grab hold of the steering wheel in order to gain the knowledge, the strength, the benefits, and the wisdom to pass on to others embarking on similar journeys. 

You may assist and counsel, but they must steer their own ship, however scary that may seem.  It is the same with our father, (God) who loves us more than anything.

 “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.”

“Get excited, raise Hell, it’s time you bring the walls of limitations come tumbling down, Amen, Alleluia!                                              

Grab that steering wheel and Ride Baby Ride!”~ Eva Starr


Why Are YOU Here?

Why Are YOU Here and Should You Care?I’ve almost completed the book Secrets of the Light by Dannion BrinkleyLightning, the man struck by lighting TWICE and lived to tell about it. His first book (which I have not read) came out after his first near death experience in 1975. Brinkley was actually dead for 28 minutes, visited Heaven and came back to share with us his remarkable story. If you have never heard of Brinkley before today or my last writing about him a week or two ago, then I suggest you open your mind, and open one of his books. Dannion Brinkley 

I’ll let Brinkley tell you about the details of Heaven, which will upset even the most liberal of apple carts, trust me. What I’d like to share with you is what this has to do with me and WHY it has to do with YOU!

We’ve all (well most of us at one time or another) asked the proverbial question Why am I here? Even me, who has pondered my divine life purpose more times than I care to think about, still wonders. Even though, there is NO doubt in my mind today that my purpose is to teach, by writing and speaking. HOW that happens is up to God, and I’m still working on letting him guide me without getting in his way.

According to Brinkley “we’ve all come to Earth for the express purpose of learning to master the proper execution of our preexisting spiritual wisdom.” Chew on that one for awhile, it’ll get your mind moving and no doubt loosen some of those cobwebs. The scary thing is we’re all connected, oh yea baby, you, me, & Hitler. You might as well get used to it. 

The only “judge” is YOU! Your fundamentalist religious beliefs are about to be shaken up when you open your mind to there just may be, another theory, (I’m just saying). To hear Brinkley debate the religious and political manipulations of 325 A.D. under the reign of Emperor Constantine is mind-boggling to say the least. I’ll let you do the research and decide for yourself. 

Brinkley suggests we coexist with different aspects of ourselves, in multiple lives on multiple levels of consciousness. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the teachings of the Course in Miracles main premise, which suggests this “is all an illusion.” While we’re speaking of illusions Brinkley mentions a book by Richard Bach “Illusions” which I’m going to add to my list of books to read (for some of you that may be worth looking into).

 “When you have come to the edge of all the light you have and step into the darkness of the unknown, believe that one of the two will happen to you; either you’ll find something solid to stand on or you’ll be taught to fly!” ~ Richard Bach

Before we entered this physical existence we were held in the eternal Divine Womb of the Universe, magnificent, cherished and loved beyond measure. That my dear child is what we MUST, and I do mean MUST remember! We are born out of pure divine love, and we need to start right now and not a minute later, loving that part of us and nothing less in order to reign successful in our manifestation of our divine purpose! 

Do you want to LIVE or do you merely want to EXIST?Our highest human potential can and will only live to it’s fullest potentiality when and only when we remember from hence we came – which is God, this Divine Universal Intelligence, the Cosmos, the Spiritual Womb, Mother Nature, call it what you will. We need to reclaim our power, take full responsibility for who we are and who we can be!

 “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

~ Albert Einstein

I’m sure some of you don’t want to hear about we are all one, we are all connected, but slice or dice it anyway you want…tis the truth.  What we need to understand is the grudges we harbor in our lives only hold us like super glue to those people we can’t stand to even think about let alone be around.

So, if you want to break free and reclaim your personal power then quit giving it to them and allowing them to take your power away which causes you to be upset, angry and unforgiving. Hey, it’s easier said than done, trust me I’m working on a whole helluva lot of stuff that is threatening to take my peace away…so I’m preaching what the preacher needs, do you hear me???

Let’s let everyone else do their own thing, and start worrying about doing “our” own thing. (Trust me they’ll get a BIG chance to see the holographic panoramic view of their life when they get to door #1 behind that curtain that the Wizard of Oz stands behind, called Heaven).

Let me tell you something, “it has been scientifically proven that the chances of another person exactly like you living on Earth are approximately one in sixteen billion.”(Brinkley) Todays’ Earth population is just over six billion, NO ONE, do you understand NO ONE on this planet living today can do what YOU do exactly as you do it. Do you understand the magnitude of what I just said here?

We need to start loving ourselves, release our fears, and love our neighbor. The more we eliminate our own darknesses, the less power it has on us and the world. Do you get what I’m saying? Slaying our own negative Dragons will in turn cause the darkness in the world to diminish. Like I wrote about awhile back, it’s no longer Darth Vader against Obi Kenobi, it’s ALL of us! Please ponder this, your life depends on it…and my life, and your daughters life, and the Popes life, and your lover’s life…are you starting to get the connection?

Let’s start going about the business of WHY God put us here in the first place. YOU have a plan, unique only to you…START LIVING IT!

If you had to answer in THREE seconds, Why Are YOU Here? In other words, what did God put you on this planet for?

What would you say? Your THREE seconds are up!

“A great sea captain becomes that way because he weathered many a storm, anyone can sail a calm sea!” ~ Eva Starr